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Philip’s passion for creating intimate portraits of the highest quality and bespoke Fine Art Imagery has seen him win in excess of 40 international awards globally in recognition of his work.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. A professionaly created photograph puts you in the best possible light, showing you how you want to be perceived, not just how you look.
Producing high quality leadership team images raises the professional perception of the business. Great images are a vital tool in internal and external communications.
As a picture is worth a thousand words, show your clients a personal side to your professional profile.
We do not offer ID or Passport Photography
Philip Nash is a multi award winning Portrait and Fine Art Photographer with a reputation for putting even the most nervous sitter at ease. His work has been published in books, national dailies and countless magazines and web sites. In today’s corporate world, so much of the networking and PR we do is online. That’s why personal branding is more important than ever and why a high-quality portrait is an essential tool to any PR strategy.

Whenever I talk to a client before our session, I get the sense that they are expecting definition 2.

Well that doesn’t happen in my shoots. When we start, the first thing I want is for you to forget the laundry list of objectives you’ve been told you need to achieve. This is a documentary of you. A single moment filled with intention. Simply put, this is the best possible moment for you to simply be you.

Everyone has their opinion and you can’t please them all, but our goal, working together, is to capture a side of you that no one can deny is uniquely you. It’s my job to put you at your ease, get you over your personal demons and help you actually enjoy the process! A collaboration between you and me.

Seriously though, you want a killer headshot?

Photography plays a crucial role in how your company is initially regarded by both customers, investors, partners and staff. Professional photography impacts your presence.
With two decades of experience in people photography Philip has the ability to relax and capture your key team members at their best.
Philip’s guidance reassures his subjects on how to get the best from the sitting, to create the most natural looking, finished portraits.
Team Images
Strength in numbers: Great group pictures create a strong message that you are one team working towards a common goal. Just what investors and partners want to see.
Promoting the business through professional photographs can emphasise the company’s key messages from its board members to its shareholders, especially during annual reporting.
Whilst creating professional headshots and team imagery, explore some creative options by including environmental elements such as your Headquarters, plant or products.
Using PhaseONE and Sony cameras Philip embraces and invests in the highest quality professional equipment available. There is no substitute for quality.

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Philip is based in Covent Garden, London and Farnham, Surrey but services clients worldwide.

Phone: 020 3355 7215


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